Take a Ride Out to the Ranch

Meet our independent ranchers and their families who dedicate their lives to responsibly raising** quality Angus cattle. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the land and hear the raw emotion of their daily challenges and triumphs.

**Animals are raised in accordance with the Open Prairie Natural Program, which adheres to species specific industry standards and guidelines.

The Rancher Roundup

Man and woman on two horses in a cattle pasture

Chain Ranch

The Chain Ranch was founded by Oscar Chain in 1893. Six generations later, it now spans 10,000 acres across Oklahoma and Kansas. A direct descendant of Oscar, Newley Hutchison and his family continue to raise Red Angus cattle and be good stewards.

Cowboy watching a child wearing a cowboy hat carry a flake of hay

Centennial Livestock

In 1921, Les Staudenmeyer founded Centennial Ranch in Southwestern Montana. Today, his grandchildren Will Staudenmeyer and Deb Tamcke carry on Les’ proud tradition of responsibly raising all-natural Angus cattle. Find out how they are working to preserve their ranching lifestyle and livelihood for future generations.

A family on horseback in a cattle pasture

Cow Country Farms

For six generations, Dale Schueler and his family have followed in his great-grandfather’s footsteps in maintaining Cow Country Farms — the place they call home. Their passion for animal welfare, sustainability and Texas pride runs deep and can be seen on the thriving 8,000-acre operation each day.

From the Prairie to Your Plate

Find your nearest participating retailer to bring home Open Prairie Natural* Angus Beef products.