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To help you make the right choices for your family, we’ve compiled this comprehensive online resource for Open Prairie® Natural* Meats. You’ll learn about what makes our products naturally good as well as the people who help us bring wholesome, natural meat to your table.


Pork and beef can be labeled as “natural” if they are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. In addition to being labeled as natural, Open Prairie Natural Pork and Angus Beef are always free from anything added. This includes:

  • No antibiotics — ever
  • No added hormones or growth promotants**
  • 100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts, except for milk
  • Minimally processed
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No additives
  • No preservatives

Never Ever means that the hogs and cattle are raised with the following requirements:

  • No antibiotics — ever
  • No added hormones or growth promotants
  • 100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts, except for milk

The animals in the Open Prairie Natural Meats program have diets developed by an animal dietician to meet their evolving nutritional needs as they grow. They are never fed any animal byproducts and do not get any of their protein from animal sources. Their diet provides a healthy balance of nutrients for the overall well-being of the animals and delivers a flavorful product for you.

When we talk about a vegetarian diet in hogs, we always include “except for milk.” Why? Because when piglets are weaned from their mothers, they are fed a supplement that includes vitamins and minerals to help them grow. The piglets do best when these supplements are milk-based.

There are naturally occurring hormones in all animals. That said, there are no additional hormones or growth promotants given to the hogs or cattle raised for the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand. Federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones or growth promotants in pork.

No. The hogs and cattle in the Open Prairie Natural Meats program are never ever given antibiotics.

The animal’s well-being is the priority and their needs are cared for in all circumstances. Vaccination protocols and parasite control are encouraged to minimize and prevent illness. If an animal should become sick, they receive veterinarian oversight and are treated accordingly. If antibiotics are provided, the animal is removed from the Open Prairie Natural Meats program.

No. The Open Prairie Natural Meats team is dedicated to bringing better pork and beef to consumers at a reasonable price. To be labeled Certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture is a costly endeavor. Because of this, it is also difficult to find consistent suppliers of organic feed. Instead, we put our focus on supplying you with high quality pork and beef from hogs and cattle raised without antibiotics and added hormones or growth promotants. Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. insists that the farming practices used by the independent ranchers to raise the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand are of the highest safety and quality standards available.

The hogs and cattle raised for the Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef brand are not genetically modified themselves; however, we do not make a non-GMO claim, as the feed they are fed more than likely contain GMO grain. To make a non-GMO claim would entail sourcing 100% non-GMO grain for feed. This would be exceedingly expensive, creating a price point for our product that would be beyond reach for the average consumer.

Yes. All raw pork and beef are considered gluten-free. While animals may have been fed grains that contain gluten or soy, the metabolic process of animals breaks these foods down, and there are no traces of soy or gluten in the meat.

The cattle are raised on pasture for a considerable amount of their lives. After about 16-24 months on pasture, the cattle are then “finished” on a strict vegetarian diet of grains and roughage. This is to bring out the marbling in the meat and allows for the high-quality grading such as USDA Prime and Choice.

No. Hogs in the Open Prairie Natural Pork program are never given Ractopamine.

No. Because hogs are very sensitive to both cold and heat (they have very little hair and do not have sweat glands), as well as vulnerable to natural predators, the hogs are raised in safe, climate-controlled barns. There, they get just the right amount of food to eat, along with care and attention from the farmer.

Even though some meat is exposed to low levels of gamma radiation in order to help preserve it, we do not irradiate the Open Prairie Natural Pork brand meats.

For the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand, minimally processed means that our pork and beef have not been altered in any material way. There are no solution enhancers, added flavors or added salt.

Animal well-being comes first

Ensuring the well-being of animals is not only the right thing to do, we believe it is our responsibility. Our animal well-being practices are USDA-approved and third-party verified to ensure that you are purchasing products from animals that are responsibly raised.

Meet our partners
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We’re proud to partner with independent farmers and ranchers who are responsible stewards of the land and share our concern for animal well-being and the environment.