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Life Isn’t Always Simple.
Your protein choice can be.

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Life Isn’t Always Simple.
Your protein choice can be.

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Mindful eating is meaningful eating

We’re here to make your life simpler — to be a breath of fresh air in the sea of life’s demands. Whether you’re on back-to-back video calls, in busy-parent mode or meal planning for the week, the last thing you should worry about is what food to put on the table. It’s important to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments.

That’s why we came up with a brand for people like you. Open Prairie® Natural* Pork and Angus Beef are sourced from responsibly raised animals. No additives. No fuss. No worries. Just simple, back-to-basics protein that you can feel good about choosing. Because life’s complicated enough, but your protein choice doesn’t have to be.

Animal welfare

We make animal welfare our top priority, and so do our independent producer partners who raise livestock for the brand. They’re passionate about taking care of the land and animals because they know where the meat is going — to you and your family. Rest easy knowing the animals are treated with care, respect and dignity every step of the way. We think it’s not just better for the animals — but also your peace of mind.

  • Health comes first: We ensure all animals are taken care of with veterinarian oversight and consultation
  • Gentle is best: Our producers are trained in compassionate practices
  • Don’t just take our word for it: Auditors make sure we’re keeping good on our promises

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