Our story, your values

Openness matters, especially when it comes to choosing food you’ll put on your family dinner table. From prairie to plate, we honor our commitment to provide you consistently delicious natural pork and beef products that align with our values and most importantly, yours.

A promise as open as the prairies

The Openness Promise is our pledge to you to remain fully transparent and committed to providing wholesome beef and pork from animals raised responsibly. To uphold these high standards of openness, we promise the following:

Our Openness Promise

Never Ever

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Animal Welfare

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Never Ever

To explain what our product is, we’ve got to start with what it’s not. We’re proud to say that Open Prairie Natural Meats is everything you want from delicious natural pork and Angus beef — and more importantly, it’s none of the things you don’t.

  • No antibiotics – ever
  • No added hormones or growth promotants
  • 100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts, except for milk
  • No additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients


For the Open Prairie Natural Meats team, transparency means being able to see every step of our process and fully understand our values and standards. We promise to share everything with you, from prairie to plate. Our commitment to transparency means:

  • We’re proud to share our unwavering animal welfare standards with you
  • We’re open about our production processes
  • We can trace all beef and pork back to its origin with our Trusted Path™ Program


Many brands talk about trust, but we live it. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure our strict standards are met — and we go the extra mile to prove it. Here’s how we work to earn and keep your trust:

  • Third-party authentication of practices
  • Consistent quality you can count on
  • Wholesome and sustainable meat options

The path from prairie to plate, explained

The Open Prairie Natural Meats team is proud to lay our entire process out in the open with our Trusted Path traceability program. It’s our way of ensuring we stay transparent with customers like you — always.

Raising animals responsibly

From the time animals are born, they’re raised with both our values and your values in mind. That means no added hormones or growth promotants, ample space for natural behavior and well-trained independent partners who know how to treat animals compassionately and humanely.
Raising Animals Responsibly

The proof is in the paperwork

Throughout the animals’ lives, farmers and ranchers maintain and share detailed records that document the animals’ health, welfare and living conditions.
Proof is in the paperwork
Stack of papers

Third-party accountability

Third-party auditors visit farms and ranches to ensure animal welfare standards and production processes are being met throughout the journey.
Third-party accountability

Humane harvesting practices

Throughout the production process, we have a robust and humane handling program in place to make sure procedures are followed and continually identify areas for improvement.
Humane harvesting practices

Trust is in our DNA

We use DNA sampling throughout multiple stages of our process to facilitate our ability to trace each animal back to their origin and confirm they were raised under our strict animal welfare principles.
Open Prairie Natural Meats Trusted Path Program-meat dna traceability

Meat you can feel good about purchasing

We think treating animals with respect, dignity and compassion makes for a better end result. When our beef and pork arrive in stores, you know exactly where it came from and how it was raised.
Trusted Path - barn

The result?
Wholesome beef and pork.

From flavorful steaks to delicious chops, we’ve got it all. Plus, Open Prairie products grade 97.7% Choice or higher, so you can count on consistent quality. Find a store that sells Open Prairie Natural Meats near you or talk to your butcher about bringing it to your local grocery store.

From the Open Prairie Natural Meats blog: