Eating nutritious meals is easier than you think

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Who says eating healthy has to be complicated? By using simple, natural pork you can make great-tasting dinners for you and your family. And here’s the best part — it doesn’t require a ton of time, money or ingredients. Fresh meats, along with fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh spices and natural, high protein foods can completely transform your meal, adding nutrition and flavor.

So as you juggle early morning video calls, soccer practice, laundry and trying to fit in a workout, preparing a nutritious meal with Open Prairie® Natural* pork gives you one less thing to worry about. It’s the simple, nutritious solution among the chaos of every day.

Make protein the star of your plate

Protein is essential to a balanced diet and is just as important as the fruits and vegetables you put on your plate. Pork contains nutrients like B-vitamins, zinc and protein. Plus, they are delicious and have relatively few calories.1 Lean cuts like pork tenderloins are perfect for preparing a highly flavorful protein recipe.

Complement your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies are delicious, add color to your plate and pair well with high protein foods like pork. Not to mention the amazing health benefits like naturally occurring vitamins and minerals — what’s not to love?

Try incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your meal prep. They’re perfect as a side dish to pork recipes, as a flavor enhancer for items like farro, as the main ingredients to sauces or even as center-of-the-dish options.

Tips on choosing produce:

Buy in season produce graphic

Buy in-season:
Seasonal produce is typically better tasting, fresher and riper.

Color your plate graphic

Color your plate:
Yellow and orange vegetables are rich in vitamin-A and beta carotene. Dark green vegetables are a good source of minerals and antioxidants.

Less is more graphic

Less is more:
Buy produce in smaller quantities, and use within a day or two of purchasing to avoid spoiling.

Quick and easy doesn’t mean unhealthy

Boneless Pork Chops

Take these Boneless Pork Chops, for instance. Just simple, flavorful ingredients that complement each other. Plus, it takes less than 45 minutes from prep to plate! It’s a nutritious dinner made easy.

Oranges. Fresh sage. Natural pork chops.

High in protein, low in sodium and total fat.

So, what’s the takeaway? The lesson, as offered by Arielle Weg of Prevention Magazine — bad ingredients yield bad food. Great ingredients yield phenomenal food.2 By using fresh, simple ingredients and great-tasting pork, not only will your food taste better, but it will be good for you and your family.

From the Open Prairie Natural Meats blog:

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