Navigating the meat aisle: A guide to label claims

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The meat aisle has enough options as it is. From which protein to buy, which cut and which brand — throw in label claims, and it can be downright confusing to know what’s best for you and your family.

When it comes to Open Prairie® Natural* pork, we want you to feel 100% confident when choosing our products. We offer natural, Never Ever pork with no antibiotics, no added hormones and no growth promotants. But what do those really mean? Read on for the full breakdown, and feel more confident at the meat case.

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Natural meats with nothing added

Open Prairie Natural* pork is a natural brand with nothing added. According to the USDA, “natural” products contain no artificial ingredients or added color and are minimally processed. That just means it’s processed in a way that does not fundamentally alter the product.1

So, what about “nothing added”? Despite the name, a lot goes into “nothing.” Several factors are considered, especially when it comes to animal welfare. Many other brands don’t indicate how the animals were raised, what they were fed, if antibiotics or hormones were used or other aspects of production — all things to be considered when using these claims.

No antibiotics — ever

“No antibiotics ever” means animals are never given antibiotics at any point. This is an Open Prairie Natural* pork promise you can feel good about. Plus, it’s verified.

Not only must farmers send documentation to the USDA to support this claim,2 but the Open Prairie brand also has third-party accountability. This means auditors visit farms to ensure animal welfare standards and production processes are being met throughout the journey. It’s all part of how we hold ourselves accountable.

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No added hormones or growth promotants

Open Prairie Never Ever pork do NOT have added hormones or growth promotants. The brand goes above and beyond to verify this claim through third-party verification. Third-party auditors visit farms to ensure animal welfare standards and production processes are being met throughout the journey. It’s just one of the ways we help foster trust with our shoppers.

Animal welfare: Raised with your values in mind

Throughout our supply chain, we strive for responsible food production while prioritizing animal welfare.

Here are three ways we achieve this:

FarmCheck® program: Third-party auditors check for animal access to food and water, proper human-animal interaction, and worker training at independent farms. 

Required training: Pork Quality Assurance® Plus training are required for all employees handling hogs. We also require transportation training for anyone who will be transporting animals.

Humane harvesting practices: Throughout the production process, we have a robust and humane handling program in place to make sure procedures are followed and we continually identify areas for improvement. 

But most of all — animals raised for the brand are treated with care, respect and dignity along the way. We prioritize animal health with veterinarian oversight, space for natural behavior, and… you guessed it, no antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants.

From our Never Ever claims to our third-party verification and more, it’s clear that Open Prairie Natural* Meats is a responsible choice that everyone can feel good about.

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